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So you’ve been looking for a home here in the Coachella Valley and still finding it hard to find the right home? How about in 2022 during the crazy hot hot market? Multiple offers, selling way over asking, buyers giving up rights to appraisals and home inspections etc. It’s called marrying the rate and dating the house. Buyer were so determined to grab those cheap rates that they bought homes that only fit a few of their needs if any at all. Talk about buyer’s remorse!

Now that things of “kinda” settled down, buyers have more purchasing decision making power, getting homes at or below list price, negations terms, credits, repairs, etc. Even though interest rates have risen, they are still at all low time low and those waiting for the extra low rates to return will probably have to wait at lease 10 years.

It’s time to date the rate and marry the house. Find your dream home through our free service, keep reading too lean more.

Waiting for rates to come down will only end up costing buyers more…ya know, that thing called inflation…it’s here, it’s big, and it’s going to take some time to see prices come way down, if they ever really do.

We’ve been told the feds will continue to raise rates until the inflation rate gets down to least 2%, as of March 2023, we are in the 5% range

The Coachella Valley is still in a large inventory storage. Homes priced well are moving fast and as of April, 2023, we are again starting to see a frenzy of multiple offers, not as bad as 2020-2022….yet anyways!

The stale inventory you see online is now all the overpriced homes and picked-thru houses that the professionals and the savvy buyers have said no to.


The best deals never hit the open market. We have what’s called a The Perfect HomeFinder whereby we will find you unlisted homes that match exactly what you are looking for. You are then the only buyer in the country that knows they are for sale so we can negotiate a much better deal with the home seller. It’s honestly like emailing Santa Claus to tell him EXACTLY what type of home to bring you.

Now to be clear, with these unlisted homes, when we look at them, there would be no for-sale sign in the yard and there’s no listing or photos online but again, they can represent a great value.

Would you be open to just LOOKING at homes that match exactly what your family would be looking for? Just reach out to us with what you are looking for in a home and location. We will explain our process and what we do to find your perfect home.

Our Perfect Home Finder Service is Free of Charge!


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